How To Edit Raw 4K+ Footage in Premiere Using Proxies

The average filmmaker shouldn’t have to sacrifice the quality of their footage because they can’t afford a top dollar computer.

4K and up video files are pretty heavy, as anyone who has tried to edit one would know. Fortunately, you don’t need a supercomputer to be able to render these files in Premiere. Youtuber SEBU shows in a video how to use proxies in Premiere to be able to edit 4K and up files without sacrificing quality.


On most devices, trying to edit raw, high quality footage is impossible, because the playback is unwatchable as shown in the video. What I really like about using proxies is that it doesn’t change your footage in the slightest, only shows you a toned down version for playback and you replace it back with all of your editing. Even though at first it seems a bit complex, Sebastian does a fantastic job showing how straightforward it actually is. After knowing where and how to change your settings it’s as simple as just turning your proxies on and off. There’s really nothing else to it.