Improving Writing Skills, Check Out: 8 Tips For Screenwriters

Everyone wants to improve.

Whether you’re a first time writer or have been writing for years, nobody’s perfect. In a video from Darious Britt, he gives his eight tips, habits really, for anyone to improve their screenwriting.

Below are some thoughts on Darious’s tips:


1. Read Scripts

What I don’t like about his advice here, is that Darious’s main point is to just keep reading. The other important thing one can get out of reading scripts is really going through them, picking out what you like or don’t understand. While later on he mentions picking apart movies, I feel that there’s something to be gained by doing it to a bare script as well.

2. Take Acting Classes

This is actually quite interesting, as this is something I had never thought of before. I had assumed that the actor would have to do all of the discovery of fleshing out a character, but for the writer to know what it feels like acting out their own character–delivering those lines, preforming those mannerisms, gives a whole new meaning to knowing your character.

3. Steal From Life

Fantastic advice. The only thing I can think to add is that it’s also okay to draw inspiration from those around you, not just your interactions.

4. Write Everyday

I wish Darious went a little more in depth on this one. I think it’s worth mentioning that it doesn’t matter what you write about, it doesn’t have to be an entire scene or even anything related to a script. It could be anything, as long as you get it on the paper.

5. Pro Writer Interviews

It’s important to remember not to get completely caught up in pro’s advices and ideals. Don’t forget to do things your way in your vision.

6. Break down movies

In my opinion, breaking down a movie with a group of people, or even just one other person, can add a lot of insight into your breakdown – getting multiple opinions and viewpoints.

7. Break down BAD movies

I absolutely love that Darious included bad movies, as I for one love tearing apart enjoyably bad movies. There is so much more to be learned, and some of these movies can be hilariously bad.

8. Articles and Blogs

Easiest way to go about this: other articles on IndieFilmer 🙂