The Amazing Mavic Pro- PROS & CONS

We don’t yet have this drone, however we ARE excited about purchasing it in the near future.  This article is simply a culmination of my research on The Mavic Pro.  From what I have found, The Mavic Pro is an extremely versatile piece of equipment and I have to hand it to DJI I am quite impressed with the portability that this drone possesses.



  • It’s size is what gives it an edge over the other drones in my opinion.  It’s so small you could fit it in your pocket, which certainly makes it more convenient.
  • The Mavic Pro comes with propellers and arms that fold to make it more compact.
  • The camera and propellers are protected during landings by the landing legs located under the front propellers and the camera specifically can be protected by a clear plastic bubble shaped cover
  • It comes standard with a camera with a maximum resolution of 4k video and a minimum of 720p
  • It will fly for a maximum time of 27 minutes in optimum conditions and charges in under an hour
  • Can go a maximum distance of 4.3 miles and at a maximum speed of 22mph (or 40mph if in sport mode)
  • It also has a remote controller about the size of a large cell phone, so it fits quite well in your pocket as well
  • The drone comes with FlightAutonomy which is a system that allows the Mavic Pro to see obstacles that are in front of it up to 49 feet away and avoid them.
  • You can use your phone as a monitor when you connect it to the remote controller or you can control the Mavic Pro with your phone as a standalone controller/monitor combination in wifi mode
  • Comes with a FPV (first person view) option which means you can use a virtual reality headset to see as though you are seeing through the camera directly
  • Along with the FPV option it comes with an option called Active Track which tracks a specific subject with the camera using three separate modes: Trace- this mode allows the user to make the drone fly directly behind or in front of the subject or circle the subject as it moves, Profile- this mode allows the user to train the camera onto a side view of the subject and follow it like that, and, last but not least, Spotlight- this mode keeps the camera directly facing the subject while the user can fly it around anywhere.


  • The picture seems to be a bit soft when taking videos or photos
  • The color saturation is more than you would find in DJI’s Phantom 4 which may be a small problem for some people who prefer less vibrant colors
  • Not made for hand catch landings
  • Struggles slightly in high altitude and heavy wind